Lube Platforms

Elliott is an industry leader in the design of hydraulic-powered mobile service centers.

Elliott oil or product tank design has been field tested and proven for nearly 3 decades in the field. Our large formed radius ends do not include any corners or 90 degrees bends in the metal, eliminating high stress points. Overlapping weld joints cause a double wall tank effect in the edges of the tank. Large lockable fill lid openings allow the operator to see inside the tank while filling with a nozzle. Ground level fill options are available that include warning lights and/or a horn when the tank reaches 75% full. Interior baffles and optional interior epoxy paint assure longevity even when used off highway.

Elliott grease pumping systems are made to pump grease in the coldest temperatures. Our 50:1 ratio, 75:1 ratio (both air powered grease systems) and our 5:1 hydraulic powered grease pumping system can be installed using a 120 lbs. grease drum, 400 lbs. grease drum (55-gallon drum), or our 600 to 1000 lbs. bulk grease container. Our high volume grease pumping systems include an 11:1 air operated grease pump while our hydraulic driven system is a Viscount series. This bulk grease delivery system uses a 1” hose to pump grease into a machines bulk grease container or central grease system.

Heating systems are used to heat the inside of reel cabinets, insulated van bodies, and grease barrel systems. Heaters include hot water type that utilize the truck’s coolant circuit, diesel fuel fired type pull fuel from the truck’s fuel tank and heat the air or coolant circuit, and electric type use plug in (shore power) at 110vac or 220vac. Grease heating plates are made using stainless steel drum containers that circulate the truck’s coolant throughout while heating the bottom of the grease container. This assures the ability to pump cold grease through a 50 foot or 75 foot grease hose.

Versatility shows in every Elliott
Lube Service Unit!

Lube units are available in many configurations and include several different power component features:

  • Enclosed Bodies, Insulated & Heated
  • Platforms with Drop-Decks
  • Enclosed Reel Cabinets
  • Ground Fill/Bulk Load Product Tanks
  • Electric Generator
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Metered Nozzles
  • Specialty Equipment


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