Fuel Lube Trucks

Elliott is an industry leader in the design of hydraulic-powered mobile Fuel Lube service units for Mining, Rail, Construction and Heavy Industry.

Enclosed Fuel/Lube Van bodies built with steel have been proven to last for decades refueling and performing preventative maintenance in rugged off road mining environments. Our formed/interlocked steel panels and tubular steel platform were designed to withstand the needs of a mobile machine shop overseas nearly 50 years ago. Much of that same design is used today, so severe conditions and extreme temperatures are no match for the capabilities of our units. Van bodies are insulated and we offer a full-line of heating options for use when the truck is in service and also when it is not.

Enclosed Fuel/Lube Van bodies built with aluminum are designed for off road use with the idea in mind that they still need to run up and down the highway. We custom build the heavy duty platform and utilize light-weight aluminum panels for the sides. This provides the needed structure to hold the product tanks while minimizing weight and corrosion issues commonly faced with highway use. Van bodies can be insulated and heated.

Enclosed lube vans, Open and enclosed style PM (Preventative Maintenance) trucks, and lube trucks without fuel are available in both steel and aluminum construction. Our lube units are designed to evacuate used oil from other machines fast and effectively. Our pumping systems are capable of pumping thick viscous oils from the holding tank into other machines no matter the climate conditions. We offer a full line of oil filters that meets today’s most stringent requirements for tier based equipment.


Fuel Lube Trucks include several different power component features:

  • Enclosed Bodies, Insulated & Heated
  • Platforms with Drop-Decks
  • Enclosed Reel Cabinets
  • Ground Fill/Bulk Load Product Tanks
  • Electric Generator
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Metered Nozzles
  • Specialty Equipment

Fuel Lube Trucks are available in many configurations:

Lube Platforms
Lube Vans
Articulated Fuel Lube Trucks
Lube Skids & Fuel Lube Trailers


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