Mobile Lube/Fuel Units

Elliott is an industry leader in the design of hydraulic-powered mobile service centers.

Fuel pumping systems include Roper and Blackmer fuel pumps along with a full line of fuel filtering that meets today’s most stringent requirements for tier based equipment. Fuel meters can be equipped with a preset, ticket printer, in cab ticket printer, and digital display that shows pumping rate. Emergency sumps meet DOT regulations for on highway use. Flow capabilities of over 100 gallons per minute at the fuel nozzle are available. Optional fuel recovery systems allow the on-board pump and fueling reel to evacuate fuel from a “down machine” and pump it back onto the Elliott fuel tank, saving the cost of the fuel in the machine.

Used oil systems are designed to evacuate used oils from equipment into the on-board holding tank, then using a 4-way valve, empty the holding tank into your shop’s used oil burner or used oil collection tank. A double diaphragm pump or hydraulic driven used oil pump, used in conjunction with a hose reel, can be coupled directly to the machines used oil drain or into a holding pan.

Oil pumping systems are equipped with Graco’s Fireball pneumatic (air powered) pumps or Elliott’s load-sensing hydraulic system with hydraulic driven oil pumps. Our systems automatically turn on and off when the oil control nozzle is squeezed. This prevents the system from operating at high pressure during down time (like pulling the hose from the hose reel, climbing onto a piece of equipment, or opening the fill point on equipment). Our oil filtration systems meet today’s standards for tier based equipment. Oil meters can be installed on the control nozzle and stationary mounted on the unit.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) pumping systems incorporate the latest technology with the latest filtration and cleanliness standards required to keep tier based equipment running smoothly. Air powered DEF pumps along with 12vdc DEF pumps are used with heavy duty stainless steel tanks designed for on and off road use. Spring rewind DEF hose reels, DEF compatible dispense nozzles, and DEF tank vents that do not allow outside air to penetrate the product while the pump is not in use. This cuts down on the amount DEF that crystallizes in the tank before use. Stand alone packages to add a DEF tank and system to your existing fuel truck are available.

Versatility shows in every Elliott
Lube Service Unit!

Lube units are available in many configurations and include several different power component features:

  • Enclosed Bodies, Insulated & Heated
  • Platforms with Drop-Decks
  • Enclosed Reel Cabinets
  • Ground Fill/Bulk Load Product Tanks
  • Electric Generator
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Metered Nozzles
  • Specialty Equipment


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