Water Trucks & Fuel Trucks

Elliptical fuel tanks include dished and flanged tank heads for use for on and off highway use. We incorporate the same safety standards in our non-code tanks as we do our code DOT406 tanks. Our double bottom fuel tank design adds a full second layer of material between the product tank and the long sill members. Ground fill options for fuel tanks include a Wiggins type or Shaw pressure less fast fill, Scully compatible load anywhere overfill system, along with API and other bottom loading adapters.

Elliott Fuel and Water Service Units (nurse paver or paving service) are designed to refuel paving equipment and refill rollers or other equipment that requires water delivered to the job site. Paving maintenance service units can include oil, grease, antifreeze, and used oil pumping systems. These units allow for proper maintenance to your equipment out in the field without the need to bring it in the shop. Water systems can be equipped to fill from an outside water source like a pond or creek. Road sign and cone storage can also be incorporated making it a multi-purpose vehicle.

Choice of Pump Drives:

  • Engine Driven
  • PTO/Driveline
  • PTO/Hydraulic Drive
  • Hydrostatic Drive; Pump performance/ capabilities up to 650 GPM @ 70 PSI

Water Distributors & Fire Tankers:

Elliott will design and furnish a customized unit to your specifications, including units for fighting fires, potable water distribution and transportation of non-flammable liquids.

Elliott's heavy duty fuel tanks are available for all applications. Most fuel tanks are designed for off-road fueling of construction equipment, but the same heavy duty features are built-in to all fuel tankers.

Elliott Fuel Tank Features:

  • Fast Fill
  • Ground Fill/Vapor Recovery
  • Metered Dispensing

Fuel Tanks

  • 1,000 to 5,000 gallons
  • Steel Construction
  • Upper Wrapper 10 Ga. to .25" Plate
  • 60" Wide Lower Wrapper up  to .3125"
  • Formed, Box Type Longitudinals
  • Spring or 12 VDC Rewind Reels, 50"-100"
  • Mechanical or Hydraulic-Driven Pumps, 20 - 90 GPM
  • Built per DOT/MC406 Specifications

More than a Water Truck

Elliott water trucks are made to withstand the rugged off-road climate they are intended to be used in. A 2000 gallon water truck is commonly installed to a single axle chassis such as a Ford, Kenworth, Peterbilt, or International. Our 3000 gallon, 4000 gallon, and 5000 gallon water trucks require a tandem axle chassis. Our 5000 gallon and 6000 gallon water trucks can be built on an off-road articulated dump truck chassis (wiggle wagon or ADT) such as a Caterpillar™ (CAT) 725,730, 735, 740, 745, Komatsu™, John Deere™, and Volvo™ 30 ton or 40 ton trucks. Berkeley™ B3Z and B4 (Berkley), Banjo™, and other centrifugal water pumps can be power take-off (PTO) driven or hydraulic driven. Water cannons can be installed on top of the tank or in front of the unit and operated from the cab to spray overhead conveyors or large coal, ash, or limestone piles. Air operated and hydraulic operated spray heads are used to control the water output. Water hose reels can be incorporated with an adjustable spray nozzle. All water tank kits can be shipped out from the factory for installation at your facility as well as installed to your furnished truck chassis here at our facility. Custom water tanks (size, capacity, and lengths) are available to meet state weight limitations and Federal Bridge Law capacities.

Water Tanks

  • 1,000 to 5,000 gallons
  • Steel Construction
  • 60" Wide Lower Wrapper
  • Hydraulic-Driven or Mechanical Pumps
  • 60" Wide Lower Wrapper
  • Air-Operated Spray System
  • Formed, Box Type Longitudinals

Component Features:

  • Flusher Heads - available front & midship
  • Spray Heads - available front, midship & rear
  • Spray Bar
  • Water Cannons - remote & manual control
  • Water Discharge Hose Reels
  • 3-Way Piping - for suction fill. All functions controlled from chassis cab   with operator control panel.

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